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What TO DO in the Month Before Your Wedding Day

The month or so before your wedding day involves a lot of ‘Wedmin’. Don’t leave it last minute to organise yourself. Follow this step by step guide. Or, book a wedding coordinator to help manage this for you. As a wedding coordinator myself, I detail the tasks you should be completing to ensure you are wedding day ready!

Step 1 – Payments

You will have different deadlines for paying different suppliers. If you can afford it, get the final balance paid on all your suppliers as soon as possible. Do it all at once while you have your banking open. Clumping a task together like this will make sure you are focused and prevents confusion on who you have already paid. Drop the wedding suppliers a message once paid and set a reminder to follow up in a couple days to ensure this has been received.

Step 2 – Revisit Your Bookings

Take a supplier at a time and review your contract, terms and conditions for each, starting with the Venue. Check through your email communication to see if there were any changes to the service order following the signed contract and make notes of what has been agreed. This will help you build a running order for your wedding day.

Step 3 – Confirm Details

This is a very important step and often a step that is missed by wedding couples.

Once you have revisited your bookings, email the supplier to reconfirm and finalise any details. This could be final numbers, menu choices, dietaries, table plans, photo list etc. If you have already done this, you are winning, but always touch base to confirm there are no changes. This will also help give assurance they are still going to turn up and haven’t forgotten!

You need to make sure you have had contact with the supplier in the couple of weeks leading up to your wedding day. There have been many occasions where I have found information that has been missed, and dates and times which have been wrong. It also gives you the opportunity to confirm who will be there on the day, what they need to provide their services and their arrival, departure times.

Step 4 – Communicate

The details you confirm with your wedding suppliers must be communicated with the relevant people on the wedding day. For example. if your photographer needs a certain amount of time to complete the photos on your list. Inform your caterers so they factor this into their service times. Communicating between the suppliers is not something that comes naturally to wedding couples. Knowing what information is important to share with which suppliers is something that is learnt from years of wedding planning experience.

I have been the bearer of many problems from couples who have poorly communicated between suppliers. Do not assume it will be ok. Not all problems can be fixed on the day!

Step 5 – Running Order

Create and confirm your running order with the venue or wedding coordinator on the day (if you have one). If you do not have a venue or wedding coordinator, consider who will be the person managing the day.

Ensure there is plenty of detail on the running order so the coordinator understands your expectations and manages any problems discreetly to best of their knowledge.

On the Day Wedding Coordinator

If done properly, the above steps can take a good 50+ hours of your time. It’s a lot of Wedmin in the month prior to your wedding day. But I would highly recommend following these steps to ensure your day runs smoothly. There hasn’t been an occasion yet where I have gone through these steps with my couples and found problems before they have happened. By running through the details you have a final opportunity to fix problems before your wedding day.

Once I had noted a DJ who announced his wife’s pregnancy which was due around the time of my clients wedding. It wasn’t until I questioned this that I found out he was going to chance it, but would have to leave on the day if she went into labour. In the end we were able to get a DJ friend on standby in case he was unable to perform.

How a Wedding Coordinator Can Help

Hiring a wedding coordinator who takes over your supplier communication in the month prior will provide you with assurance that everything you have confirmed has been checked by a professional. A professional wedding coordinator’s experience is invaluable. They have the ability to think about the bigger picture and how all the suppliers work together.

If you are looking for someone to take the stress away in the month prior, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me at Kept Weddings. I would be delighted to discuss your concerns and put forward a non-obligatory quote for my On the Day Wedding Coordinator package.

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