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Vendor Spotlight: Peboryon

Claire’s from Peboryon is an exclusively luxury wedding cake designer and maker devoting her skills and time to making each wedding cake perfect.

“It’s great to see the design from email right through to delivery”

Claire’s Cakes are ‘high end with a twist’ and loves to work with her clients to make their cake personal to them. I had the chance to speak with Claire to find out more about the process of designing a wedding cake for her customers to her most memorable wedding cake.

1. Tell Me About Yourself

There’s not much spare time during wedding season, especially this year, but when I do have a bit of time then I like to knit. I think it’s the creativity. I love to do anything creative!


2. How Did You Become a Cake Artist?

My very first job on leaving school was in a wedding dress shop. So I have always been drawn to the wedding industry. Baking cakes is something I have done for a long time and when I needed to do something that allowed for flexibility, wedding cakes seemed the obvious direction.

3. What’s the Process of Designing and Delivering a Cake for Your Customers?


That can vary from client to client. Some will come and see me at my Clovelly studio. But I have a lot of clients from London and the South East. So for them I will go up and meet them at Blacks Club in Soho or through Zoom.

The design will be an evolving and organic process with emails, mood boards or similar. We chat about anything that they would like included, and things that are to be avoided. On the day either myself or my assistant will deliver and set up the cake exactly as the client wants.

4. What Trends Do You See in Cake Artistry for 2022?

I’m going to say sugar and wafer paper flowers because I love making them. But I’m getting asked more for dried flowers and edible pressed flowers. I’m seeing more colour too, not just the traditional white. 

Photo credits: Emma-Jane Photography

5. What Tips Would You Give Wedding Couples Who Want to Pick Up Their Wedding Cake Themselves?

From me they can’t. A wedding cake needs to be professionally transported and set up. Do you really want that stress? Leave that to your cake maker.


6. What’s Your Most Memorable Wedding Cake?

 A Death Star. Yes I once did the Death Star as a wedding cake. Not my usual thing, but it’s what my couple wanted. 

No design is the same with Claire. Her attention to detail and creativity shines through in her artistry. To view more of her incredible designs you can visit her website: or visit her instagram @peboryon you can also get in touch to book a consultation today.

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