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Understand What Dry Hire Wedding Venue REALLY Means

Do you know what a dry hire wedding venue is? I get asked this, even by wedding suppliers. It’s a term that gets thrown around but not everyone actually knows what it means.

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One of the first things you do when planning your wedding is book your wedding venue. There are so many to choose from in the South West to include Barns, Country Manor Houses, Castles, Hotels and much more! With each of these options you will find some offer ‘all-inclusive’ wedding packages and other that are ‘dry hire’.

Just because a wedding venue looks nice and is within budget, doesn’t mean they are the right venue. I discuss the difference between dry hire and all inclusive wedding venues and which is the best option for you.

Dry Hire Wedding Venue

Dry hire wedding venues essentially mean it is only the venues space you have booked. You should have all lighting, heating, water, included, but you will need to check what isn’t included. And there is a long list to consider. It is important to understand what you will need to book in addition so you can factor in the additional costs within your budget.

All Inclusive Wedding Venue

All inclusive wedding venues tend to have a lot more included. Typically, all inclusive wedding venues include furniture, cutlery/crockery, catering, drinks, bar and staff, licensing etc. This means you have less to source and book as it is all packaged up for you to suit your budget.

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Which is the Best Option?

They are both great options, but which is the best option for you?

The pros of a dry hire wedding venue is that you have more freedom over your suppliers. You can personalise the day to suit your requirements and effectively make sure your wedding stands out from others.

All inclusive wedding venues on the other hand have a tried and tested set up that works well for each of their weddings. They are easier to plan as you don’t have to think so much about the detail.

Which is the best option is usually down to yourselves.

For those who really are not great at making decisions, or being organised, the all inclusive wedding venue would be perfect for you. For those who have strong ideas, want to be a little bit different to other weddings and do not get overwhelmed with planning – then the dry hire venue would be best for you.

Top Tips When Booking Your Wedding Venue

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When booking your wedding venue, whether it is dry hire or all-inclusive there are a few things to do:

  • Find out what is included and what is not included. This varies from venue to venue and additional costs can creep in that you did not original account for
  • Find out how flexible they are with timings, choices and suppliers. All-inclusive or dry hire, some venues may still have a list of ‘preferred suppliers’ you have to work with. Dry hire, just typically have a few more options than all-inclusive venues. All inclusive venues can also have set times for food service. This can make it difficult to organise a suitable ‘flow’ to your day
  • Read your contracts! A lot of information that wasn’t discussed in your initial visit will be detailed here. This could have a massive impact on your decision to book them as your venue
  • Ask a wedding planner to visit the venue with you, and go over your contract. They can spot things that you may not realise and advise you based on your requirements.

Get Expert Advice

If you’ve booked a dry hire wedding venue and only just realised the level of organisation that is required to pull everything together, then it is not too late to get support from a wedding planner.

You really need to know your stuff if you are going to be able to organise a wedding at a dry hire venue. Without the right advice, you could find yourself getting overwhelmed and stressed over everything you need to think about.

At Kept Weddings, we offer full planning, partial planning and consultations to help you with your wedding planning, where ever you are in the process, there is an option for you. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.

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