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The Importance of Having a Seating Plan at Your Wedding

Organising a seating plan can be a stressful task but it is important. The dynamics on each table need to be just right for everyone to feel like they are included and enjoying themselves on your wedding day. For people who do not know each other (or like each other) it can be awkward for them when it comes to taking a seat. I talk about the importance of having a seating plan at your wedding and why some people decide to leave it to their guests.

Why You Should Have a Seating Plan

A seating plan adds structure to your wedding day. It helps to get guests seated quickly and it helps caterers to serve food efficiently and effectively. Caterers will serve the food per table. Knowing which guest has ordered what will keep the food hot and ensure dietary requirements are served to the right people.

If you get the dynamics right per table, you can help to stimulate good conversation and bring an uplifting atmosphere to your day. A seating plan can also be used to tie in with your theme and to help decorate your wedding venue.

Misconceptions of Having a Seating Plan

The main reason why some couples opt out of a seating plan is because they are worried that people will be unhappy with their decisions. This could be because of previous or current family feuds, personality clashes, tensions between your friendships or simply because they might not know each other. 

This could very well be the case, but there are ways around this as described in my ‘7 Simple Ways to Create an Effective Seating Plan’ blog.

Another reason is because they want people to have the freedom to sit where they want and not feel they have to sit with people they do not like. If you do this, you will actually make it even more awkward. A guest might get attracted to sit next to an old flame potentially causing bickering or heated discussions at the table. Or a couple might be the last to enter the room and have to split up because the only two remaining chairs are at different tables.

When It Is OK to Not Have a Seating Plan

Scrapping a seating plan only works in specific circumstances. If you decided to go for an informal buffet, then guests will have the option to go up for seconds if they feel uncomfortable with who sat down around them. The flow of service is also different meaning guests will start and finish eating at different times. This is, however, an unconventional way of serving a wedding breakfast so further planning will be needed to ensure the day runs smoothly and to plan.


Every wedding is different so it’s important to think about what you want. If you are stuck on whether a seating plan is right for you then book a consultation with me today and I would be delighted to go through the different options with you.

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