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The First Steps to Easy Wedding Planning

Congratulations on your Engagement! Now what do you do?

The next step is to begin planning your wedding. If you haven’t planned a wedding before then it can be hard to know where to start. 

Lay your foundations & set off on the right track by focusing on these points first:

Step 1 – Guest List

Who do you want to come? Draw up a list of all the potential friends and family that you see being with you on your wedding day. Make it as long as you like, and ensure you factor in the plus ones & children if this is something you want to include.

Prioritise your list with the most important first. Who must attend for the wedding to go ahead? And who are you unsure about at this stage? Mark those who will be your day guests and who will be your evening guests.

Your guestlist doesn’t have to be set in stone. It will, however, help you understand the potential size of your wedding and what special requirements you need to take into account. For example, if your grandparents must attend, you might want to consider a wedding closer to home depending on their health. 

Step 2 – Date/Year

When do you see yourself getting married? Perhaps you’ve recently lost your job because of COVID and finances are uncertain. Or maybe you want to have children first. Think about what else is going on that year and potential month that the wedding would work nicely in. If your partner is football mad, planning a wedding during the world cup final might not be a good idea.

Step 3 – What’s important to you?

It’s BOTH of your wedding day. And I stress BOTH because it’s important to think about the other half as well as yourself.  Figure out what you each value the most. Is it outstanding catering? First class entertainment? Or insta-worthy photos? Put your list in order of importance so you know what to focus on when making those important decisions.

Step 4 – Budget 

When you know what’s important to you both, think about how much you would like to spend and what you’ll actually have to spend. As we all know too well, circumstances can quickly change so make sure you have the money before committing to your suppliers. 

Break your budget into sections, catering, venue, decor, photographer, attire etc. How much do you feel comfortable spending on each section? If you are looking to cater for over 100 guests, a small budget would not work. If you want that bespoke dress, you might have to cut back on the entertainment. It’s important to be realistic & if you find you have the budget further down the line, then that’s just great!

Step 5 – Moodboard

Now you have the basic’s set, start pinning! Pinterest & Instagram are fantastic for gathering ideas, concepts , colour schemes and tips. Anything that grabs your attention, save it! When you’ve had the chance to see what’s possible you can then really narrow down your own wedding style like a pro.

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