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The Best Time to Book a Wedding Planner

It can be hard to know when to book a wedding planner. Delaying it could mean your preferred wedding planner might not be available for your wedding date. And it also could mean you miss out on extra services which could come in handy from the start.

Nevertheless, holding off the booking could mean you aren’t paying for a service you don’t need. In order to know when you book a wedding planner, it’s important to think about these four things:

Decide What You Need Help With

Before you start anything, it’s worth checking out the wedding planners in your area and what services they can provide. As a basis, wedding planners can offer anything from:

  • Full Wedding Planning
  • Partial wedding planning
  • On the day coordination / month of management
  • One-off consultations
  • Venue finding

It won’t cost you anything to enquire and you might learn a bit more about what planning your wedding can actually involve. 

When you know what wedding planners you prefer, you can take note of their current availability so you know whether a decision needs to be made urgently.

Think About Your Budget

You should have an overall budget in mind for the total cost of your wedding. Most suppliers will ask your budget to help ensure they can recommend the best services for what you are looking for. Knowing the budget also lets you break down what you have to pay for and how you can make savings. 

If you did your research on the wedding planners in your area, you should also be able to understand what wedding planners are more at your price point. You will also understand what type of service you can afford. It’s typical that you will need a certain budget to utilise a full wedding planner, so if you are more budget conscious, you might find partial, month of management or one-off consultations more affordable. 

Taking this into consideration, you can work out from your preferred wedding planners whether you do actually need to urgently book. If you preferred wedding planner had limited spaces for full wedding wedding planning, but now you only want month of management, you might have more time to decide.

If, however, you desire the full wedding planning or venue finding services, it’s key to book this in at the start. The full wedding planning service will be able to help with initial design and concepts which will lead into sourcing suitable venues for your vision. 

Think About Your Venue

If you have considered venues, find out what they offer. Do they offer package weddings, or are they DIY? Do they come with a venue coordinator or wedding planner already? And if so, what level of service can they offer you? 

You might decide at this point you might want a one off consultation to give confidence you are committing to the right venue. Alternatively, if your preferred venue is DIY then you want to book your full wedding planner in first to ensure the booking process is handled correctly.

Another thing to consider. If you have package wedding at a venue designed specifically for weddings, you might realise you don’t need a wedding day coordinator, but you might need support deciding and managing suppliers. In this case partial planning or one off consultations might be your preferred service. This is a service you can book closer to when you need it as the wedding planner doesn’t need to be booked to hold a specific date.

Consider the Date

When are you getting married? Is it during peak season or off peak? What is the lead time? (The amount of time you have left until the wedding day). If you are getting married during peak season, you will want to book your wedding planning services in advance.

Wedding planners can be booked 1-2 years ahead so it’s important to get a date confirmed as soon as possible. If you have a short lead time, you will also need to get this arranged pretty quick. Avoid any disappointment and book sooner rather than later. 

If you decide that partial planning, consultations or on the day coordination is something you need, then take a look at my services page. I am a wedding planner and coordinator covering Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. Get in touch to find out more.

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