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The Benefits of Having a Small Wedding

Big weddings are currently the thing of the past, so what are the positives of reducing your guest list to 15?

You Save Money

What could be more of an incentive than to be able to save money? Weddings are expensive as it is, and every extra person you are adding to your Wedding day could easily set you back another £100. I would say the average wedding size is about 80-100 guests so reducing the number of guests to 15-30 can easily reduce your catering costs by two thirds

You Spend More Quality Time with Each Other 

With bigger weddings, newlyweds often find themselves barely spending any time with one another. This is the opposite of what you want to happen. On your wedding day it’s supposed to be about your love for one another. Being pulled from pillar to post to spend time with each guest takes that precious time away from you both. 

With that being said, this leads me onto my next point…

You Spend More Quality Time with Guests

With larger weddings you only really have a brief moment to speak to each guest – if that! With a smaller wedding, you can actually have an uninterrupted conversation with your guests. This helps you to build those memories that last a lifetime.  No more wasting your time forcing an awkward conversation with those guests you felt compelled to invite.

You Don’t Have to Please as Many People

Everyone has different tastes and opinions on what to expect at a Wedding, but it’s not about them, it’s about you and your partner. Perhaps you are a heavy metal fan, succumbed to the pressure of having party hits just to please your guests. Or maybe you are a Vegan whose nervous about serving a meatless menu to your narrow-minded guests. Whatever it is, it should no longer be a worry. Those that made the cut will be your nearest and dearest who love you for who you are, and what you stand for as a couple. 

You Have Options

With smaller numbers, you have the freedom to consider a larger number of venues to hold your Wedding reception at. You can even consider the option of taking it abroad altogether.

Think about a location that’s important to you both? What are your best memories together? And where do you want to create this new one? Going sentimental is a lovely way to make your wedding feel special without the expense. Find somewhere that is close to both of your hearts and make it your own.

To get some advice on how to go about creating a small wedding, get in touch with Kept Weddings & arrange your Wedding Planning Consultation today.

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