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Nathan & Natalie Ley’s Wedding at Tunnels Beaches

We are so lucky in the South West of England to have some of the most stunning wedding venues around. The easy access to the beach, countryside, woodland and stately homes makes it a beautiful place to get married.

Photographer: Lee Brewer Photography

Tunnels Beaches is a secluded venue situated through a hand carved tunnel on the North Devon coast. Enclosed by rugged cliffs and looking out to the it’s very own private beach this idyllic venue is popular for couples looking for that romantic beach wedding.

“It had holiday vibes with amazing scenery”

I got the opportunity to hear all about Natalie Ley’s experience getting married at Tunnels Beaches back in 2019 and why she chose this place to say ‘I do’. 

Photographer: Lee Brewer Photography
Photographer: Lee Brewer Photography

1. What Made You Pick Tunnels Beach Over Any Other Venue?

We never wanted a really formal wedding. I looked at so many different types of wedding venues! Barns, stately homes, hotels etc, but the decor in those types of venues just weren’t us. Don’t get me wrong. They are all beautiful in their own right but Nath and I like modern, out of the box in most things.

Immediately as soon as we got there I knew it was the venue for us. I’ve always loved to be by the sea and would’ve loved to get married abroad. At Tunnels Beaches that’s exactly how I felt.

Photographer: Lee Brewer Photography

We met Jamie ,the owner, on our first visit and I just instantly liked him. He was warm and friendly – it wasn’t a sales pitch at all. He explained all the questions we threw at him and just seemed really honest and trustworthy.

2. What Did You Like Most On Your Wedding Day?

  • The food. We were able to have our favourite foods from scones, cream and jam as canapés, BBQ for mains and ice creams by the sea for desserts. It fitted perfectly. 
  • The unusual wedding venue. It’s not often you see a huge circular glass sided building on the side of a cliff!
  • The seamless running of the day. Everything that went on behind the scenes was excellent. The day flowed well and there were no points where people didn’t know what they were doing.

3. What Colour Scheme Did You Go For?

Our colour scheme were neutrals and golds. The men had velvet beige dinner jackets and black trousers and I had champagne gold running through my dress. The gold was also reflected in each of the bridesmaids dresses.

Photographer: Lee Brewer Photography

I had four bridesmaids who were all different heights, skin tone, hair colour and sizes! Some liked high necked, some low. I know when I’ve been a bridesmaid in the past there’s always one person that the dress fits perfectly, and I’ve never been that person.

I wanted my bridesmaids to have different dresses as then they couldn’t compare themselves and nor could anyone else! No one looked better in their dress than the other, because they were all different. 

4. How Did You Come Up With Your Wedding Dress Design?

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always loved feathers! I had a vision of what my dress would look like but unfortunately when I started shopping for it, it soon became apparent that that dress I wanted was hard to find. I liked the top of one dress and the bottom of another.

Photographer: Lee Brewer Photography

Luckily for me I found Dawn at Lovely Bridal, Honiton who really helped me with my dress. I actually had it designed and made especially for me by Stephanie Allin. It is nervy having your dress made because you don’t actually see what it looks like until it’s in front of you!

If you’re someone who can’t visualise things in your head then I wouldn’t recommend a bespoke dress. But if you’re struggling to find a dress then this would be a good option. Dress shopping can get disheartening when you really cannot find anything you like.

Photographer: Lee Brewer Photography

5. What’s Your Favourite Memory of the Day?

My favourite memory of the day was our first dance. We had asked the DJ to play the first song for a minute or so and then ask people to get on the dance floor for the rest.

Then the song changed to an upbeat track and EVERYBODY went crazy on the dance floor. That was so much fun and it will forever stay with me.

Photographer: Lee Brewer Photography

6. What Would You Change If You Were To Do It All Over Agai

I’d actually probably not change anything! I loved the day, the build up and just having everyone there to celebrate with us. I just wished it lasted longer, because it goes so so fast!

7. What Advice Would You Give Engaged Couples?

Have the wedding YOU want. Don’t worry about what other people think and try not to sweat over the small things. I feel like people try to make everyone happy but themselves when it comes to weddings and get stressed over the finer details.

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If you want a really traditional wedding then have a traditional wedding. If you want to walk down the aisle barefoot then do that! There is no right or wrong way to have a wedding, just make sure it reflects you both as a couple. 

Write a list of what is important to you and what isn’t. My three main things were venue, food and entertainment. When you’ve been to a wedding what do you remember about it? If you go to a wedding and the food wasn’t great, that’s what I remember unfortunately. Equally if the food was great that’s what people remember too. I still get comments about the prawns and monkfish skewers on how they were so good! 

Photographer: Lee Brewer Photography

Some fab advice from Natalie about planning your wedding day. It’s important to remember what’s important to you both so you don’t get overwhelmed by choices and opinions.

If you are struggling to find out what’s important to you then don’t hesitate to book a consultation with me today. My consultations are a great way to talk through ideas and your options to help you make better informed choices.

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