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How to Pull Off an Outdoor Wedding Breakfast

Outdoor Weddings look amazing! Being out in the sun, drinking champagne, enjoying exceptional food in joyous company and beautiful surroundings.

But let’s be real. We are in the UK. The chance of rain, even in the height of summer can be high. Whatever those forecasts say, I always take it with a pinch of salt. When planning an outdoor wedding there are things you need to consider and things you need to plan for.

Outdoor wedding breakfast
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Things to Consider


The biggest concern is always rain. No guest wants to get wet. And even if you tried to brave light showers, I am sure your guests will either comment on it, or run for cover. 

Enter the mud zone. With rain, there will be dirt. And lots of it. No place for a white wedding dress and say goodbye to your well styled hair and make-up.


A little bit of wind is fine. Big gusts of wind can just be annoying. Stationery, place names, napkins – you name it – will not be where you left them. All that time of ensuring everything is set right will be a complete waste of time.


Sun is what you want. But sun can bring extensive amounts of heat. Think sun cream and lots of it! A useful wedding favour if you ask me. 

Don’t forget those bugs! Wasps, bees, ants and flies always make an appearance at the dinner table.

Low Temperatures

Guests do not wear a lot at weddings. They do not want to cover their best outfit with a coat so colder days can be un-pleasurable for some. 


If it doesn’t rain on the day, think whether it has rained in the week leading up to your wedding. Sodden soil will be a nightmare to walk on in heels, and you’ll see quite a few guests sink into the ground on those beautiful chairs you hired if you are not careful.

The other thing to consider is whether the ground is flat or on a slight slant. Even a slight slant might be a bad idea. Drink spillages and guests falling off chairs are more likely to happen but I suppose that would add a bit of entertainment right?

How to Plan for an Outdoor Wedding

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Photographer: Butterfly Photography
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Time of Year

The most obvious point would be to plan your wedding at a time of year that will likely have the warmest weather, but also the least amount of rainfall. 


Find a venue that can provide an indoor space with little to no warning. It might result in additional set up costs and hire costs but it would be better to have a back up then have to lug all the tables, chairs and place settings inside mid-meal.

Outdoor Cover

To protect against light showers and blazing sunshine, organise parasols or covers at a minimum. Sitting and eating in the heat can become uncomfortable for long periods of time. 


Put down flooring or use furniture that will not get easily damaged or sink into the ground. This can avoid a heavy bill if you have to replace them. Flooring will also help to prevent those chair legs getting sunk into the ground and help to even out any slants.

Fire Pits, Heaters and / or Blankets

If you are having a wedding in Autumn or Spring, heaters will be a great shout to combat any low temperatures. For summer weddings it might be more affordable to opt for blankets. They can be easily handed out and look better than guests sitting in a coat.

Buffet Food Service

Rather than a seated three course meal, opt for a buffet style service or food trucks where food and drink can be moved around more freely. Guests do not have to be fixed to their place and changing plans for the weather will be a lot more manageable for guests and suppliers.

Wedding Coordinator

Have someone on site that knows what they are doing and is not part of the wedding party. You can be rest assured that there will be someone to direct guests if there is a change in plans on the day. They will also help to advise what to do and keep an eye on the overall day.

Be Prepared

Be ready and happy to settle for an indoor solution if you cannot have it outside. If you are adamant on having it outside, you might be disappointed.

Don’t be fooled by those beautiful images on Instagram. They are either in a different country or likely set up as part of a styled shoot. They look great! But realistically for large weddings it is a big risk and requires a lot more planning to have a seated three course wedding breakfast outside.

Hire an expert to help you pull it off. If you need help planning or coordinating your outdoor wedding, get in touch with me today

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