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How to Plan a Wedding During COVID

COVID has seriously affected the wedding industry. To the point where couples have had no choice but to cancel or postpone their wedding. The rules have varied so much that it’s hard to keep up. There’s no wonder couples are left feeling disappointed and deflated about the whole thing and this is not how you want to feel when you are organising your special day.

If your wedding is coming up over the next year, read below as I am sharing my top 5 tips in being COVID prepared.

Step 1 – Know Your Rights

Check your wedding insurance and suppliers terms and conditions so you understand what you can claim for. If this was arranged pre-COVID it’s likely you will be covered. However don’t take my word for it as each situation will be different. If you’re unsure about anything, make sure you ask them. 

For those booking during the pandemic, it’s important more than ever to understand your rights should your situation change. I’ve noticed some suppliers are being more flexible than others so take this into consideration before making your booking. 

Don’t forget to add your suppliers cancellation deadlines in your diary so you are always aware when decisions need to be made.

Top tip – Holding of the booking of suppliers can help eliminate the risk of losing money should the rules change, but it can be very stressful to manage. Way up your ability to manage this and if not, get in touch to see how I can help you today.

Step 2 – Decide Your Back up Plan

Discuss with your partner about what you both prepared to settle with in case government restrictions persist. Are you willing to proceed with reduced numbers, or would you prefer to postpone your wedding to a later date? Knowing this will help you act fast when the time comes to make a decision.

Step 3 – Prepare a Reduced Guest List 

For those who would settle on reduced numbers it’s important to list who you would invite for each scenario. It’s not easy deciding who makes the cut for your wedding day, but your friends & family should understand considering the circumstances.

Start with listing the people you need to attend for the wedding to go ahead. This could be the marriage officiant, photographer, immediate family, caterers, bridesmaids and groomsmen. 

Then arrange your remaining guests & suppliers in order of importance. We have seen restrictions of 15 & 30 so I would mark these restrictions on the list. I would also be prepared to add another slightly higher number in like 60 or 90 just in case the government decides to throw this into the mix as we slowly ease out of lockdown.

Top Tip – When reducing your numbers think about your suppliers carefully. Can any of your entourage help out instead? Or are there any suppliers you can do without? You might even want to consider changing your suppliers to those who are multi-skilled such as someone specialising in make-up and hair, or a photographer who can also provide video and photobooth hire. 

Step 4 – Check What You Can and Can’t Do

Assuming the venue has put all the necessary COVID measures in place, find out what you can do. Are you restricted to table service only? Can you wander the venue’s grounds? Are guests allowed to dance? 

The rules do change, so keep an eye on this and discuss the situation with your venue coordinator, wedding planner and suppliers.

Step 5 – Get Creative

Aside from the reduction in numbers, what changes will actually affect the enjoyment of your day? If you’re not allowed a dance floor, consider after dinner entertainment that will WOW guests from their seats. 

This is a great opportunity to be the first to do something different and unique that other newlyweds haven’t done yet. Stepping away from the norm will actually make your wedding stand out and be more memorable to your guests. You could even be spontaneous and decide to elope adding that extra bit of excitement to your special day. 

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