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How to Make a Feature Out of Your Wedding Cake

The Wedding Cake is a piece of artistic design that adds to your wedding aesthetic and it’s symbolism is deep routed around fertility, unity and purity. The wedding cake is traditionally cut on the wedding day but the top tier is usually saved for the Christening of the couples first born child. Making a feature of your wedding cake is a great photo opportunity and a way of exciting the senses.

1. Find a Suitable Place

Take a good look at your venue and understand where the cake should go. Firstly from a practical point of view. Are you having the cake cutting during the drinks reception, wedding breakfast or during the evening reception? Where can it be placed that everyone can see it but where it can also remain protected from little fingers, the sun, or accidents?

Secondly, from an aesthetic point of view. Does the venue have features that would make a suitable backdrop? Stairs, pillars, mantle pieces, windows, trees? You want the cake to contrast against your backdrop, you don’t want it to get lost. If you are having a cake with white icing, you might opt for a darker backdrop. If you are having a naked cake (no icing) you might want a white or light backdrop.

2. Select a Creative Wedding Planner and Cake Artist

Select a Wedding Cake artists who get creative with their designs. Read their reviews and request further information so you can understand their process. Will they put together a design proposal for you? Do they ask questions about your overall wedding aesthetic? The venue, flowers and decor will play an important role in creating a feature

3. Consider What You Display the Wedding Cake On

The wedding cake will need something to sit on so cake stands are your next point of call. These can be elevated or flat cake stands in different materials such as wood, glass, ceramic, silverware, gold or acrylic. Your Wedding Cake Artist will likely have some ideas and options for you to consider, or alternatively you can hire cake stands to be more inline with your wedding aesthetic.

What about the piece of furniture the cake stand then sits on? A round 3 ft table is a very popular choice, but you can get creative by using other units, cabinets, drinks trolleys, beer barrels, plinths or even pianos to show them off.

4. Add Flowers and Decor

Communicate clearly between your Wedding Cake Artist and your Florist. Alternatively, they might speak directly to share their ideas and to create a design that works well together.

Consider what else you can display with your cake other than flowers. If you are going for a Luxe look, you will likely keep the aesthetic, simple with just the cake on show. Whereas other aesthetics you could bring in other decor items such as candles, fabrics, fruit, vases, or ornaments. Taking into account what is meaningful for you as a couple you could even consider incorporating books, vintage phones or even pictures of family members.

It’s a Piece of cake!

Creating wow worthy cake features is so much fun and something I LOVE to create. A Wedding Planner and Stylist can recommend suitable Wedding Cake Artists and Wedding Florists that will design a beautiful display that you will remember even after all the cake has gone!

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