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How to Have a Non-Festive Wedding this Winter

A winter wedding is a great way to avoid those peak-season venue costs and can be really special in it’s on right. However, it can be difficult to separate your wedding with the festivities that surround this time of year. Here are 5 ideas to keep it all about you rather than the traditions of Christmas!

1. Pick a Colour Scheme of Your Choice and Fit it With the Season

Red’s and greens are typically associated with Christmas colours. If you are wanting that non-festive vibe, try not to mix the two colours together in your colour scheme. Try going for some alternative non-festive colours like blues, pinks and yellows. Opt for the darker shades to keep your wedding wintery but not festive.

2. Check With the Venue if the Festive Decorations can be Removed for Your Special Day

You might like the look of the Christmas tree, but do you want a picture of you and your partner by the Christmas tree on your mantle piece all year round? Most possibly not. Ask your venue what decorations are going to be up and where. Check they can be removed before booking and consider alternative decor ideas to utilise the space such as bare branches, twigs, stones and mosses to give that wintery setting.

3. Pick Out the Best Spots for Your Photos.

A sunny beach, a glistening fountain or a blossoming tree are all associated with those ‘summer vibes’. Think about creating the setting you want by using props, selecting specific idyllic spots and consulting with your photographer because he will be able to get the right lighting, and angles to suit your needs. They can also make those finishing touches to your photos with their editing tricks.

4. Manage the Dress Code 

It’s very easy for people to get sucked into the Christmas spirit at this time of year, so make sure you ask your guests to leave the tinsel hair pieces and flashing festive earrings at home. 

As it’s cold at this time of year guests may also be tempted to keep their coats on, covering their beautiful outfits underneath. Avoid this by hiring some heaters and get the whiskey circulating. That way you can ensure you get group photos with everyone wearing their best. 

5. Check the Menu for Your Big Day

Everyone knows turkey & Brussels sprouts are eaten around Christmas, but you don’t have to follow the festive menu. Consider ingredients that can be eaten all year round.  Maybe new potatoes with fresh greens and white fish? Check the venue can accommodate for menu alterations before booking to avoid any disappointment further down the line.

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