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How Much Does a Wedding Planner Cost?

Full Wedding Planning

Some wedding planners claim that they don’t cost anything. That the suppliers they recommend offer them a commission if booked. Although this is partly true, this just masks the fact that suppliers will likely put their price up to cover this. They might charge you directly the same price to keep a good relationship with the wedding planner. But they will make more profit booking directly with you.

You’ve also got to bear in mind that you might be limited to which suppliers you can work with. Those suppliers who haven’t agreed to commissionable rates with the wedding planner will not likely be put forward. And that will not give you a fair overview of what your options are.

Other wedding planners charge you directly 10-15% of your overall budget subject to a minimum budget rate on average anywhere between £50,000-£100,000 . This is for managing the whole wedding from start to finish.

I appreciate it can be off putting when you look at the total sum but it’s understandable when you consider the average wedding takes up to 250-300 hours to organise.

Other services wedding planners offer can include:

Partial Planning

The wedding planner will review where you are at, work out what needs to be done and calculate a bespoke quote based on the amount of organising that is left to be arranged. 

Wedding Day Management or Wedding Coordination

This involves them liaising with the suppliers a month before the big day and being on site to oversee everything. This is usually a set fee as the work involved for each event is usually the same. 

Venue Finding Service, Supplier finding & Prop Hire

They listen to what you are looking for and summarise the best options in a proposal. All additional services wedding planners might offer and are often charged out at a set rate.

Do the Math!

There’s no escaping that there is a cost involved. If the minimum budget rate is £50k, you’re likely to be spending about £5-7.5k minimum on the wedding planner.

At Kept Weddings, I offer full wedding planning services but I can also provide pay as you go planning so you have only the support where you really need it. I provide advice on what to look out for and guidance on what to do next – all for a more affordable price! 

You can dip in and out, as and when you need my support. I can be there from the beginning to get you on the right track, or at the end checking you haven’t missed anything important.

You can book a one off consultation before committing to anything. All from as little as £70! I can also be booked for onsite Wedding day Management for weddings in Devon, Cornwall or Somerset to ensure everything runs smoothly on your special day. Check out my services to find out more, or give me a call!

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