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Get To Know Your Wedding Professionals

You want someone to help organise your wedding but is it a wedding planner that you need? Or are there other professionals that can help you?

The term ‘wedding planner’ is used interchangeably. If you are looking for additional support you will need to be aware of the different roles within the industry. Get to know your wedding professionals and find out what one suits your needs.

Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is someone who focuses on the logistics of your wedding as a whole from concept to completion. They consider all the elements to fit with your vision and budget. They become the main point of contact for all of your suppliers and yourself.

The wedding planners role can include being a wedding stylist, wedding coordinator and in some cases a venue coordinator. No detail is left unturned. They look for potential wedding day disasters before they happen and find solutions quickly without you probably knowing. The overall experience is important to them and making sure everyone is happy.

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Wedding Stylist

A wedding stylist focuses on the creative style and set up of your wedding day. For them it’s all about how the wedding ‘looks’ and ‘feels’. They create those dreamy backdrops, perfectly laid tablescapes with matching stationery and floral art to complement your style. Their attention is on the design for your day creating mood boards, colour palettes and will be onsite for the set up to bring it all together.

People often get wedding stylists confused with a wedding planner. A wedding planner can include wedding styling within their services. A wedding stylist would not help organise and plan your whole wedding. The wedding stylist only gets involved in the planning and organising if they relate to the set up and look of your day. This could include organising a florist, stationer, lighting, linen hire, décor hire, and furniture hire for particular looks. You would not see them liaising with suppliers such as the caterers, entertainers or equipment hire if it does not relate to them.

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Wedding Coordinator

The wedding coordinator is someone who gets involved at the final stages of wedding planning. A month or two before the big day. They connect and liaise with your suppliers, confirm the finer details and build a timeline for your day.

The month before your wedding is always stressful. Final balances need settling, numbers and times need confirming, requirements need checking and communicating. All alongside trying to enjoy the build up, work a full time job and get all those beauty treatments in at the right time. The aim of the wedding coordinator is to relieve most of that stress. They take control and check the tasks are completed in a timely fashion.

The wedding coordinator is also with you on the day. They greet your suppliers, help with set up and assist with any last minute requests. They help direct the guests, coordinate the day and respond to any changes quickly and efficiently. Need to push your first dance time back? They’ve got you!

Venue Coordinator

The venue coordinator, only gets involved with matters related to the venue. They ensure the licensing is adhered too and will take direction from your plans to coordinate the day. They will not go into great detail with your suppliers prior to the wedding day, but they will provide you with advice and recommendations based on their knowledge of weddings at that venue.

Similarly to the wedding coordinator the venue coordinator will greet suppliers, show them where to set up, respond to any changes and find solutions to any issues on the day. Some venue coordinators are more involved then others. As a base line, the venue coordinator’s main role is to make sure the venue provides the services you have requested from them.

You will soon get an idea of how involved your venue coordinator will be as you begin discussing your plans with them. If you require more detailed support I would highly recommend seeking the help of a wedding planner or wedding coordinator who can provide more time and attention to your day.

Wedding Assistant

A wedding assistant is someone who supports the wedding coordinator or wedding planner. Not all wedding planners and coordinators have a wedding assistant and will largely depend on the amount of work their is to do on the day.

They are an extra pair of hands to help set up, greet suppliers and manage the day. They are especially useful for larger weddings, marquee weddings or where the wedding is over two locations.

Which Professional Do You Need?

Each of these wedding professionals will overlap with their skills and experience in some way. You need to figure out what level of support you are after to know which professional is suited for you. To discuss your wedding needs in more detail, get in touch with me today and we can talk through the most suitable options for you.

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