Wedding themed films to snuggle up to

5 Wedding Themed Films to Snuggle up to This Christmas

Have you rinsed Netflix during Lockdown and don’t know what to watch? Enjoy your wintery evenings with my selection of wedding related films to keep you inspired.

The Christmas Wedding Planner

The Christmas Wedding Planner follows an aspiring wedding planner on her journey to organise the perfect wedding for her cousin. The film shows the stresses and struggles of planning a wedding from the point of view of the wedding planner. Or at least to some extent! It can get a bit cheesy when the wedding planner teams up with the private investigator to try and catch the fiancé being unfaithful but a lovely festive watch this season.

Ms Matched

Another slightly cheesy film but I like the concept behind it. A wedding planner attends a wedding fair where she falls for this guy who goes against everything she believes in. She believes every bride deserves the wedding of her dreams, but this guy believes it is all a waste of money. This film brings it home to most couples where the desire to have the perfect wedding is weighed up against the potential cost. 

Getting married is not a cheap affair so it is important to make the right decisions to make those dreams come true. As a wedding planner I really relate to both sides of this story. While I am passionate about couples having the wedding of their dreams, I am also aware of the financial impact it can have.

Crazy Rich Asians

We would all love to have endless amounts of money to create the wedding of our dreams. Crazy rich Asians takes you to a place of fantasy over reality. You follow a girl who discovers her boyfriend’ family is one of the wealthiest in Singapore & the difficulty she has trying to fit in when attending his friends wedding. The moment the bride walks down the aisle is just magical and magnifies that special feeling couples get on their wedding day.


Definitely a firm favourite. This film is just brilliant! Most wedding films are targeted towards female viewing, but this is just enticing for men as much as women. Watching the groom’s bachelor party unfold leaves you wondering what else could go wrong! Humorous and outrageous, this film shows off the awful situations that the stag endures on their last chance of freedom. Probably a bit to the extreme, but I am sure every stag has a story to tell. There are two more films in the series so you can even make a night of it.


Bridesmaids is just a great all-rounder film to watch. The different characters make it relatable to many people and leaves you in stitches throughout. The story shows the events that a Bride might experience from the engagement party, to tying the knot, and the friendship struggles they have along the way. 

While not everyone will be able to afford a lavish hen party like in the film, it still opens your mind to the possibility of what you could do for your wedding. It also has a great moral to the story that you don’t have to have the fancy wedding to make it more meaningful.

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