White sunflowers attached to dusky pink chair sash

Dried, Real or Faux Wedding Flowers – What’s the Best Option?

There is a preconception that dried or faux flowers are cheaper than real flowers. But are they really? Flowers can make any space look beautiful. You can transform a room to fit your wedding style and adds to the feel of your day. Roses are romantic, palms are tropical, pampas is very bohemian and ivy is very wintery. For couples wanting to incorporate flowers on their wedding day, I discuss the three different options and my thoughts on what the best option is for you.

Real Flowers

Real flowers are just gorgeous. They smell and look great! But unfortunately they are not cheap, and they are seasonal, meaning you may not get the flowers you want at the time of your wedding. Real flowers are expensive as they are fresh and carefully styled together by a florist. They have a short shelf life and can quickly wilt if they aren’t given the proper care and attention.

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers have a longer shelf life and they still look as great as real flowers. I do love dried flowers. You have more flexibility with the flowers you want to include as the season does not matter. They can also be dyed to fit in with your colour scheme for a more coherent look. They are not, however, cheaper than real flowers. It takes more time to create dried flowers and a professionals time is where the expense comes from.

Faux Flowers

The majority of faux flowers are cheaper than dried or real flowers but there is a risk they will look plastic and noticeably fake removing that ‘luxury’ feel of your wedding. In one sense, faux flowers are great as they last forever and you can sell them on to get money back. In another sense you are restricted on how the faux flowers are made up, how they will sit and what faux flowers you can get.

What is the Best Option?

If you are on a budget…

No flowers, or faux flowers would work best. Other than the bridal bouquets and buttonholes, you don’t always need flowers to make an impact. It’s not the main aspect guests comment on. Wedding guests are more interested in the food, drink and the organisation of the day rather than the flowers so if you do not have the budget for flowers, do not stress.

Some high-street stores, and online stores offer faux flowers which you could look to incorporate into your bouquets but you need to judge carefully as noticeable fake flowers will draw guests attention away from you.

If you can spend a bit more, try and get your faux flowers from high-end stores like Cox and Cox, Etsy or Rose and Grey (some of my personal favourites). My top tip if you need to fill the space is to use more of the faux foliage rather than faux flowers if you need to fill the space.

If you want luxury…

Real flowers all the way. If you have the budget, create installations of flowers rather than spreading your flowers across the whole venue. Installations are more impactful meaning your wedding guests will notice them and act as perfect backdrops for those picture moments. By all means, add in dried flowers but try to go for more classic and elegant styles.

If you want something unique…

Dried flowers or faux flowers are great if you want something unique. Sunflowers are a popular flower but their brightness can be quite striking if your colour scheme does not include yellow. With dried or faux flowers you have the ability to get something more in-keeping with your theme while not compromising on your favourite flower. Like these beautiful white sunflowers that were custom made for one of my wedding couples. You can also get more flamboyant by selecting dyed dried flowers.

White sunflowers attached to dusky pink chair sash
White sunflower chair ties

How a Wedding Planner Can Help

There is not a straightforward answer to what option is best. Your wedding is unique and special to you. A wedding planner can talk through your wedding day in more detail to understand what option is best for you.

If you are looking for professional advice on styling your wedding, you can book a one-off consultation with me to discuss your ideas in more detail. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me at Kept Weddings.

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