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Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes When Planning Your Wedding

It’s very easy to make assumptions when you begin planning your wedding day. But if my experience has taught me anything, it is these three points I wish to share with you today.

It’s very easy to make assumptions when you begin planning your wedding day. But if my experience has taught me anything, it is these three points I wish to share with you today.

Below I run through 3 mistakes you should avoid when planning your wedding to set you off on the right tracks. 

1. Assume That Your Vendors Know Exactly What to Do

You might assume your vendors know exactly what to do, because they are the experts right? Yes they are the experts, but just because they are experts doesn’t mean they are mind readers.

When it comes to managing your suppliers, you need to be specific about the details. They may not be aware they can’t set up the day before, or they may not be familiar with the venue’s parking situation causing them to arrive late. The key is communication.

You obviously don’t want them to feel like you are asking them to suck eggs, but knowing what details to discuss is key to clever wedding planning. Even the smallest of details can make a catastrophic difference in the smooth running of your wedding day. So remember to never assume.

2. Believe the First Quote You Get From Vendors Is the Final Price You Have to Pay

I see vendors adding to quotes all the time. Even though it is for good reason, it can be quite frustrating when you don’t expect it. Especially if you are tied into a contract with them, or haven’t factored a buffer into your wedding budget.

You need to decipher what the hidden costs are before you sign that contract. It’s not about directly asking them for the hidden costs. You need to know what questions to ask so you can weed this information out. It’s not that vendors aren’t transparent, it’s just they can’t predict what changes you might make to be able to tell you what those hidden costs might be.

3. Trying to Negotiate With Vendors to Get the Best Price 

In the wedding industry the demand for particular services are high at certain times of the year. I know you might have a budget, but trying to heavily negotiate with each vendor can sometimes create undesirable outcomes – especially if you are looking for quality options.

You might find some suppliers not wanting to work for you, or some suppliers cutting out the frills leaving you with the bare minimum to meet your demands. For example, that hairstylist you bargained with might skip using the expensive hairspray. Or your caterers might not be willing to stay that extra hour when your speeches are running over time.

Knowing when and how to negotiate is important if you want to keep a good relationship with your vendors.

How to Avoid Making These Mistakes

When it comes to your wedding, you shouldn’t leave everything to chance. If your day doesn’t go as planned, you won’t be able to rewind and try it all over again. It needs to be thought of first time around.

The best way to avoid making these mistakes is to seek the help of a wedding professional. Someone who has had experience working with vendors and knows exactly what to ask and what to look out for. Not every scenario is the same, so just because your booking the same vendors as a friend, doesn’t mean your wedding will go as smooth as theirs.

Hiring a wedding planner & coordinator could be the best decision you make when planning your wedding. If you fear you’ve made some of these mistakes already, or wish to avoid making these mistakes, then make sure you book a wedding consultation with me today. We can go through your planning together and create a simple plan to get you moving forwards again.

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