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DIY Vs All Inclusive Weddings

If you have started reaching you to venues you probably have come across these two types of weddings. All inclusive weddings used to be a firm favourite with couples & venues. To go DIY was never really an option, but overtime we have seen brides and grooms becoming more adventurous with their special day and wanting to put their own spin on things.

What is an All Inclusive Wedding?

An all inclusive wedding is an all inclusive price that a venue offers to cover some of the major aspects of your wedding. All inclusive weddings typically include the hire of the venue, the ceremony, lighting, equipment & table set up, staff, drinks & catering. Each venue might package their weddings differently, adding more or removing certain aspects to suit their clients.

What is a DIY Wedding?

DIY weddings, on the other hand, give Brides & Grooms the freedom to arrange these aspects themselves. Depending on the venue you go with, you might be offered some basic necessities included in the price such as a marquee, but often it’s stripped right back to allow couples to design & control their own day.

The Pros and Cons of All Inclusive Weddings

All inclusive wedding are super simple for you to organise. They make planning your wedding a lot easier as the basic necessities are all provided within the one price. You don’t have to worry if the caterers have all the equipment they might need on the day as they would have everything already at the venue from past weddings.

As all inclusive weddings are set for that venue, you can guarantee the wedding will run a lot smoother than a DIY wedding as it’s tried and tested. The staff know what they are doing, the suppliers would be familiar with the set up and altogether this saves you time and worry.

The downfall with selecting an all inclusive wedding however, is that you don’t have much of a choice. You are limited to what the venue can provide and what the caterers can cook. Overall, this will just make your wedding similar to the ones before you. You also have to work with the staff and suppliers booked through the venue. So if you don’t trust the venue coordinator you are kind of stuck with it.

As well as this, you don’t have as much control over what you spend with the venue. You won’t be able to shop around for cheaper table linen as you will have to order this through the venue. And even if you did convince them to allow you to bring your own. You are likely to still be charged for theirs regardless.

Another thing to consider is that there’s less room for negotiating price. They might say that you aren’t allowed to bring in an external caterer meaning you have no option but to use them.

The Pros and Cons of DIY Weddings

DIY weddings can be super fun. And if you do it right, it can save you money! You have so much more freedom to create the wedding of your dreams. Maybe you want pyrotechnics, or to add some of your homemade wine to the tables as a special touch? Going DIY means you have more control over who you want to work with and how it gets put together. You can be as creative as you like, and run the day how you want to.

I would say though – you have to be a certain type of person to take on a DIY wedding. They can be a lot, and I mean a lot of hard work! There is so much you have to think about that you wouldn’t in an all inclusive wedding. Things like toilets, cutlery, fridge facilities and power supply. And that’s only a sample of what you need to consider. 

It’s likely your suppliers might not have worked together before and need guidance from someone to orchestrate the day as planned. If you are their main point of contact, you might find that you spend more time running around on your wedding day, then enjoying it with your partner.

You personally may have forgotten something really important, like arranging the wines for the table. Can you imagine how you would feel if you just remembered this walking down aisle? I know it would make me super stressed.

This is probably the biggest con with DIY weddings. You just can’t predict what might happen and it’s very likely something will. Organising a wedding is not an easy task. That’s why it’s important to seek advice and support from a professional wedding planner if you choose this option. You could ask your bridesmaids to help, but do you really want them walking around serving canapés because you didn’t hire enough staff? Or would you prefer them by your side, relaxed and enjoying your special day.

The Verdict

There’s no set answer for this. The verdict completely depends on you as a person, and the people you have around you. If you are a bit disorganised or apprehensive in nature, I would recommend going for the all inclusive wedding. If you are typically quite laid back and organised then either option would work well for you. But if you are quite creative, you might feel quite restricted with an all inclusive wedding, therefore a DIY wedding could be a better match.

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