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Difficult Wedding Suppliers and How to Manage Them

When you are planning a wedding you will be booking wedding suppliers to provide products or services on your wedding day. It is a dream to have a group of suppliers who are super easy and flexible to work with, but on occasion, you might come across a difficult supplier that makes planning your wedding stressful and awkward. Below I discuss the type of difficult situations you might come across and how best to manage them.

You Can Never Get a Hold of Them

You have tried to reach them about their services for your wedding but you can’t get hold of them, or they are very slow to respond. This isn’t a bad thing. But there are red flags to watch out for.

Allowing, 2-3 days after an email is a good amount of time to expect them to come back to you, unless it is wedding season then a response time of up to 1 week is ok. If you have called them, then I would expect a response the same day, or 1 day after. Even if they are, or have been working a wedding, a polite call back to say they will get back to you as soon as possible is completely fine.

If you have contacted them on both email and phone, and you have followed up more than two times. This is a red flag. A supplier should get back to you within a reasonable time frame, or at least make you aware if they are unable to answer your query right away.

The lack of response would make me question how they would deal with issues on the wedding day. If they were late, would they ignore your calls? Or just not show up?

The best way to manage this is to find out when is the best time to contact your supplier and what the best form of communication is. If they are not responding at all, I would strongly advise that you move on. Even if they are the best thing in town.

They are Being Inflexible with Changes

A supplier has every right to be inflexible to changes if you are looking to change the conditions stated in your contract. You are, however human, and you can make misjudgements which need to be altered down the line. You can only ask if a change can be made and if not, whether an additional fee is required to achieve your change.

It can become awkward working with a supplier that cannot make changes. My advice would be to ask politely and provide a solution. If it’s not possible then leave the situation alone.

If what you desire to change cannot be achieved by the supplier. Consider cancelling the contract, paying the fees incurred and look for a new supplier who can meet your new requirements. This is costly, but your wedding day is very important. Pushing suppliers to make exceptions can often get their back up, and be less likely to go the extra mile to provide an exceptional service.

An experienced wedding planner can predict possibly changes you may require and will be upfront with suppliers at the booking stage. Thus ensuring these awkward conversations are minimised. For example, if you would like to increase the number of bedrooms you have booked with your venue but the bedrooms are no longer available, your wedding planner could have foreseen this and informed the venue of your potential interest to book at a later date. This would give you the opportunity to be notified if someone else is interested in the rooms to avoid missing out.

They are Rude

I hate rude suppliers. There is no need for it. The wedding industry on the whole is great community, but there are some suppliers who are rude. The best way to avoid rude suppliers is to check out their reviews and speak to them on the phone before booking to see how they respond. If you have booked your supplier already and you are now discovering they are rude I would have an open conversation to them about your concerns.

The other option is to play the nice card. Even if you do not agree with it. You do not want to risk your supplier completely ruining the wedding. They could decide not to provide the products or services, or they could create a negative atmosphere around guests. There can be time following the wedding to share your thoughts on how they made you feel.

Booking a wedding planner or coordinator will help filter out any negative vibes from rude suppliers so you can focus on enjoying your wedding day. I’ve dealt with many rude suppliers before and I always remember it. I would always recommend you pay more for someone who provides good customer service as you know they will look after you.

They Always Give Excuses

I hate this situation as you can’t help but want to give a supplier the benefit of the doubt. Many times I’ve heard suppliers give excuses because of personal problems. With my experience I have learnt to let them provide some excuses but if it’s consistent, you need to be firm that you heard what they have said but a solution needs to be provided.

They Don’t Deliver What You Have Asked

This is the tricky one as you have planned and planned your wedding day but the wedding supplier hasn’t delivered. They haven’t listened to what you wanted, or they haven’t followed through with everything you agreed. Firstly refer back to your contract to see what product or service was agreed.

If it is clearly stated have a discussion with the supplier to find out why the service or product wasn’t delivered. If it was a judgement call based on their experience. E.g. a photographer couldn’t capture a specific photo you asked for because the weather wasn’t very good. Or because it just wouldn’t have worked on the day. Then there needs to be some flexibility on your expectations.

On the other side, if they just haven’t provided a product or service because of negligence you have the right to request some compensation.

Not all suppliers are perfect, but it is how you manage them that counts. Wedding planners work with suppliers all the time. They come across a lot of different situations and they have experience on how best to manage them. Kept Weddings with Laura is a wedding planning and coordinating service across Devon and the UK. By booking the full wedding planning package you have planning support from start to finish and one main point of contact to ensure your day runs as smoothly as it can. Get in touch to find out more.

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