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Differences Between a Wedding Coordinator and Venue Coordinator

The differences between a wedding coordinator and venue coordinator can be very subtle. Understanding the difference will help you to understand whether further assistance on the day will be required. It’s quite easy to perceive the two as the same thing. In some circumstances, they do very closely overlap – but not always!

What is a Venue Coordinator?

A venue coordinator is the main person you will liaise with when dealing with matters associated with the venue. As booking a venue is usually at the top of the planning list, often the venue coordinator is someone you will speak to first.

It might be that they just provide you with recommendations that you will have to organise and book directly yourselves. Or, they might offer additional add-ons which is booked and contracted through the venue. These services could include catering, decor hire, AV, entertainment and so on. In this case, it is expected that the venue coordinator will be the main point of contact for these products or services as well.

What is a Wedding Coordinator?

A wedding coordinator is an independent person who will oversee the running of the whole wedding day. Regardless of whether the suppliers have been booked through the wedding coordinator, the wedding coordinator will take it upon themselves to understand what each supplier is required to do and work towards them fulfilling their contractual obligations.

The wedding coordinator will take time to sit with the couple and go through the whole wedding day from start to finish. They will reach out to all the suppliers to run through their responsibilities and put together a running order that ensures the smooth running of the day. Because the wedding coordinator is liaising with all the suppliers, this means the couple have only the wedding planner to liaise with on the run up to, and on the day of the wedding.

What Tasks Does a Coordinator Do?

When a coordinator is liaising with the suppliers, they are checking for all their requirements. The what, when, where, how? They will be confirming what is required from the couple, and helping the suppliers to fulfil their obligations by feeding back any important information with regards to quantities, times, access and much more.

Not only that, but they will also be the main person who meets and greets the suppliers on the day of the wedding. It sounds like a simple task, but when you work out the time it takes for some suppliers to unload and for you to be able to direct them, you soon realise that you will not have time to do this yourself.

Venue Coordinator or Wedding Coordinator?

Knowing what the venue will be responsible for is key to knowing whether you will need additional support. If you are unsure, usually this is all stated in the contract. You might think the venue coordinator will act as your only liaison for the day, but you should always check this. If your venue coordinator is not responsible for overseeing the services of a supplier, then it’s down to you to decide if you want to invest in a wedding coordinator.

By not having a coordinator, your time is more likely to be chewed up sorting out plans, then actually enjoying the wedding day itself. If you need help deciding, then check out a recent article of mine which provides you with 6 questions to help you decide if you need a wedding planner.

To find out more about how a wedding coordinator can help you, I would be delighted to discuss your requirements and share thoughts. Get in touch today via my website or give me a call on 01626 248468.

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