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7 Useful Sources to Discover Suppliers For Your Wedding

When you begin planning your wedding there is a lot of excitement around selecting your suppliers. But sometimes you might feel you aren’t finding the right ones?

Your wedding is personal to you. What you decide will inevitably reflect you and your partners personality and what is important to you both. When you keep seeing the same suppliers popping up, try delving in a little deeper with these 7 useful sources.

1. Wedding Fair’s

Who doesn’t love a wedding fair? Many suppliers will display their goods and services under one roof. A fantastic opportunity to do your research all in one go. And the best part about it is that you can have a quick chat with the suppliers as you go around.

2. Wedding Awards

A perfect place to find reputable suppliers is by checking out award websites. ‘The Wedding Industry Awards‘ or ‘The South West Wedding Awards‘ keep records on their websites of current and past winners. Take a look and see if there is any suppliers you might have missed.

3. Web

An obvious one would be to search the web. If you keep getting the same options pop up all the time, try using alternative words or starting on a different numbered page. Just because they rank poorly on the search engine doesn’t mean they rank poorly with their products & services.

You can also search through Google map. Typing in keywords and searching by a specific area will help you narrow down specific options.

For couples looking to getting married abroad, the best way to find local vendors for your wedding venue is to go incognito on your search engine. Incognito means that your browsing in a private mode meaning your location isn’t taken into account. Searches you make therefore, won’t be mislead by your past browsing history.

Another way to find local vendors abroad, is to use that country’s specific search engine web address. For example, if you are getting married in Italy try out instead.

4. Instagram

Instagram is a great visual platform and a lot of wedding suppliers use it to show off their work. Typing in key hashtags will bring up an array of inspiration that can lead you to the supplier of your dreams. Tags like #marbleweddingcake #alternativeweddingrings or #blueweddingdress share content which is more relevant to what you are looking for. Content leads to Instagram accounts and then one step closer to you finding your ideal supplier.

Instagram becomes difficult to use when you are searching by location. You have to get quite savvy with your keyword searches to maximise potential on this. For example, if you are looking for a weddingcoordinator based in Devon you might want to search #devonweddingcoordinator as opposed to #weddingcoordinatordevon as there are more posts to go through.

5. Pinterest

Similar to Instagram, Pinterest has a lot of visual content which is great for skimming through. You can pin images to your own board to build a picture of how you would like you wedding to look. Pins include website links so you’ll have a collection of sources that will lead you to the right wedding suppliers.

6. Facebook

Facebook can be a great tool when you are struggling to find what you want. Use the search bar to type in what you are looking for and you have the option to filter by location. Smaller, more niche vendors might pop up on here as they might not have a website just yet.

Facebook also offers the opportunity to join groups that have been set up by likeminded people. You can find a lot of wedding suppliers in groups like these just be using your key words in the group’s search bar.

7. Wedding Planners

Searching for wedding suppliers can take up a lot of time, and when you do delve deeper, you begin to discover so many more options. If you have something specific in mind, why not source the help from a wedding planner who can do all the leg work for you? Just by listening to your brief they might be able to provide suitable suppliers instantly without you having to trawl through the internet. Or alternatively, they can do the research for you meaning you can spend your time elsewhere.

At Kept Weddings I can provide you with advice, recommendations and support to help you find the right suppliers for your wedding. If you would like some support with finding suppliers, get in touch with me today and I would be delighted to help.

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